What Classic Dish Should You Order at Your Favorite Restaurant?

We love a good classic dish. Whether that’s a perfectly poached egg, juicy steak or creamy risotto, you can never go wrong with these staples. But what if you could delve even deeper? What if you not only knew what the best classic dishes in restaurants were – but also which ones to order at each restaurant type? After all, not every diner is the same. Some may prefer an upscale experience, others may like something more casual and laid-back. Maybe some will focus on their drinks menu above anything else. That’s why we’ve broken down exactly what to order in each type of restaurant for some of our favorite dishes:

A word on restaurant types before we dive in

There are many types of restaurants, but in this article we’ll be looking at the classic diner, pub, steakhouse, seafood restaurant, Italian joint and Asian restaurant. The type of restaurant you choose will depend on your mood, who you are with and what you feel like eating. Some people prefer a casual diner over an expensive steakhouse, and others would rather have Asian cuisine over anything else. These are just some of the most popular restaurant types and, luckily, they all have their own particular classic dishes. So before we get into what to order at each type of restaurant, let’s talk a little more about each type. Diners are usually pretty casual, welcoming places where you can go for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are typically American and specialize in a wide variety of comfort food like pancakes, mac and cheese and sandwiches. Pubs tend to be a little more informal but can still be considered a casual type of restaurant.

You’ll likely find hearty staples like steak, ribs and fish and chips on the menu. And steakhouse menus are full of hearty cuts of meat that are often meant to be shared. Italian restaurants and seafood restaurants are probably the least casual types of restaurant. Italian places have menus filled with pasta, risotto, calamari and more while seafood restaurants have a range of fish, crab, lobster and a wide variety of other crustaceans. Asian restaurants tend to focus on stir fries, noodles and rice dishes.

Why order your favorite dishes to eat

We all love food, and eating our favorite dishes is a great way to enjoy a meal with friends or family. So why not order something you know you will enjoy? Your favorite dishes can give you a chance to really dive into the menu and explore a restaurant’s offerings. They are often a great way to start a conversation with the waiter or waitress and to learn more about the restaurant’s menu. They can help you to make a decision when you’re unsure what to eat. They can also help you to discover new and interesting dishes you may not have tried before. But don’t just order your favorite dishes to eat because you love them. Try to think about what you might like to try. If you’re sharing a meal with friends and they order something you have eaten before, try branching out and ordering something new. It can make the meal more interesting and give you a chance to try something you might not have ordered otherwise.

Classic dishes may vary from restaurant to restaurant

Classic dishes are delicious, tried and tested and so, so reliable. They are a great way to get a real insight into a restaurant’s menu and can help you to choose your meal. But just like everything else in life, these classic dishes can vary from restaurant to restaurant. Many restaurants have their own special twist on a classic dish that not only makes it unique to them but also keeps it interesting. So next time you head out for dinner, try to order something that you would normally eat and then compare that dish to what’s on the menu. You may find that some of your favorite dishes to eat come in different forms.

Popular classic dishes

As we’ve mentioned, different types of restaurant have different classic dishes. So let’s take a look at some of the most popular dishes in each restaurant type:

  • Diners: pancakes, mac and cheese, sandwiches, burgers and omelettes - Pubs: steak, ribs, fish and chips
  • Steakhouses: a wide variety of steaks, sides including baked potatoes, mac and cheese and creamed spinach
  • Italian restaurants: pasta, risotto, calamari and pizza - Seafood restaurants: fish, crab, lobster, and mussels
  • Asian restaurants: stir fries, noodles and rice dishes So far we’ve looked at the different types of restaurant and some of their most popular dishes. But what would be even better is if we could dive into more specific dishes and see what we should order at each type of restaurant. So let’s do just that.